Assembly for C Programmer

Hi Everyone,

This blog is part of my reverse engineering topic where understanding assembly language is mandatory because this is where the art of reverse come from.

I learn reverse engineering for about 10 years now. As a C/C++ software developer, I found difficulties understanding assembly language on that time because these two languages behave differently so that without a proper example then hard to understand it well.

I learn assembly from many sources but I found that there is not so many articles or books that enable me to realy map my experience in C to Assembly untill I found a book called Reverse Engineering for Beginners

This book explain really well of mapping between C language with the assembly language code so that it makes me easier to understand it.

To start learning assembly, you can follow my approach that i will code application in C and try to analyze it in assembly so that you could understand the assembly code very well because you can imagine what does actually happen and what the code in C looks like. After you can understand it then you can start to find some more interesting things such as bug, weaknesses and etc.

In the next post, I will post some examples.

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