Reverse Engineering

Hi Everyone,

I am finally back to this blog, Now I am going to write about one of favourite subject that is reverse engineering.

Actually, I want to write this for long time since a long time ago but I just do not know where to start it because this topic is a bit hard to understand.

My target viewer for this topic is a person who is going to start to learn reverse engineering. But you have to know at least C programming because I am going to deliver alot of comparation C and Assembly in order to make it easier to understand

My approach for delivering this content is to allow you to understand assembly language as the product of compiled code of C languange. I will start from the very basic

The environment that I going to use is C languange which compiled with GCC with debuging symbol enabled and for x86 Assembly. The tools that I am going to use is Codeblock to develop the C code and IDA as the tool to view assembly code

I will start posting about it in the next post.

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