I am passionately in Cyber Security. I am really interested in Penetration Testing and Reverse Engineering. My various knowledge in attacking Network, Windows, Linux and Application would give me idea and detail view on developing the defense strategy to safeguard Company Information System.

My experience areas are
1. Penetration Testing (Network Security, Web Security, Windows/Linux Infrastructure)

2. OWASP Security Analyses (Enterprise web application, External bank secured transfer)

3. Social Engineering (Phishing Campaign, Security awareness campaign)
4. Reverse Engineering (IDA Pro, Symantec Sandbox)
5. Reverse Engineering (Malware Analyses, Windows Application)
6. Vulnerability Assessment tools (OpenVas, Tenable, Acunetix, Burpsuites)
7. Cyber Forensic (Security incident, Paladin Linux)
8. Firewall (Cisco ASA, Firepower, Palo alto, Checkpoint, PFSense and Juniper, FreeBSD IPFilter)
9. Internet Proxy (Bluecoat Proxy, Bluecoat Reporter, Bluecoat Sandbox)
10. VPN (Cisco Anyconnect, OpenVPN)
11. End Point Protection (Symantec Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection)
12. Data Center Protection (Firewall layer 7, IDPS, WAF)
13. Active Directory Certificate Server (Windows ADCS)
14. Secure Bank Transfer Transaction (Encryption, Hashing, VPN and One-time token protection)



  1. Hello Mr. Activiti,

    I am trying to integrate the workflow with my struts-spring based application.
    can you please show me a short step by step (text-demo )…like (self registration page for users-> submitted for approval–>approved/ignored–>saved in legacy database/form dropped.).
    actually, where i am facing problem is…
    after converting a web development project to maven project..
    i tried to introduce .bpmn file, application context-spring.xml.POm.xml. and related depencies…
    but facing multiple errors relation m2Eclipse version and form not found…
    I also tried to follow ur blog of 26th jan 2013.. but again same..
    so, kindly help me out in this integration process.

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