Graph Database (Neo4j)

In the late of 2011, I’m looking for a new database solution that do not rely on RDBMS and ORM for the object oriented data store. I was firstly introduced an NoSQL database called mongoDB that is quite impressive for object oriented data store. The learning curve for the database is very fast due to its simplicity. But looking at this and to the variation of the data that I’m going to store that has relationship then the MongoDB will not satisfy me with a simple and efficient way. I looked to another NoSQL database that based on the Graph, WOW… My first impression was good and not as simple as MongoDB from the document based database.

Finally I found Neo4j that is well known publicly to support the graph database. For some reasons I fell in love with this type of database. After trying a couple home project with the pure Neo4j API, I feel so classic working with API provided, I remember that I worked on project that use POSIX framwork.

Finding the solution for the Neo4j wrapper took me all around in the google and finally I found that Spring Data is the only one framework that is now being developed for serious project. So in order to really implement Neo4j for serious enterprise application you should master Spring data. I took sometimes to learn Spring in combination with Vaadin,

Finally, I can master these three frameworks to support my software development. It is feel good that you can use the high end technology and really implement it in my projects.

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