Looking to something new in the new way of developer solve problem in developing web application is just like being bombarded with many technologies that is very tempting to test. I’m a java based software developer with some background in C++, Recently I develop most of the application under my supervision all in the J2EE technology. I used to use JBoss for end to end solution, whereas SEAM is my favorite framework to integrate everything.

Since last year 2011, I switched my development into Vaadin to manage most of the GUI things. I selected this framework as my main framework for development is because the full abstraction of the complexity of web development into a very intuitive way. To develop the web, You only need to know Java language. The developers is really being in the side that having so many advantages to use this framework.

I have developed some application from small to an enterprise scale with Vaadin, All the application in the production went flawlessly. The developer is having and extra freedom in coding since the component provided can be extended as you want. This situation is not the same when I was developing the application in the JSF with Richfaces that the component and the business process are in the different language that force developer to create the bridge between this two environment.

I believe this framework will growth very fast in term of adoption and its technology. There are two promising vendor to support it Vaadin it self and Google as the GWT provider.

Now, I’m really enjoying the software web development in the pure java where extra freedom is the ultimate target.


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