CMM, Capability Maturity Model

My laptop is now officially broken thus makes me so nervous to do anything without it. I opened my box full of my computer science books. I picked one of them and start refresh my mind.

CMM, capability mature model is a tool created by a wellknown university at united states. CMM is used to give overvire of the maturity state of an organizational on developing a software. The are 5 states that organization can be measured into.

1. Initial, this state describe that the organization has nothing to follow such as standard, regulatio and proper documentation. Project run without a clear direction. The succesful of project realy depends on the who is running the project.

2. Repeatable, this states the organization has more concern to the project management but the development it self is still unmanaged. The succesful of the project is just the same like item no. 1

3.Define, this state describes that the organization has adopted a methodology to handle the process of project. Documentation is already been setup properly and risk is more manageable and prefictable

4.Managed, this state describe the organization has been able to be effective and regularly repeat the pattern to be success, Objective and quality of goal has been detailed measured and recorded into the system.

5. Optimized, this state the oragnization has been able to continuesly refine their procedure and project delivery to have better quality. Knowledge are shared among the person to sustain and improve the succesful way to handle projects.

Hopefully the short resume above could give you all the big picture where your current organization maturity state level. …

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