C++ To Java

Living with JAVA (J2EE)

I’ve been doing programming since the last 7 years started back on the college up until now. Having experience in some programming language giving me a better clue on each of it, I was a C++ developer and really confident with it after passing several project. Learning a lot of methodology and concept for effective software engineering, some concepts are implemented and well thought to set up well architecture for a robust system. C++ is a very robust language where it can do what ever I can think of from the small embedded to a distributed scalar parallel calculation.

After living with C++ for few years, I see the next generation of computing and application are on the cloud which is web application, it is getting mature every day and having support from the community massively. Deciding what is the next my language for software development has gone for quite sometimes before finally I can get one.

I switched to JAVA. There are several reason why I decide to go with it. Java has a very large number of community ready to support it where tons of information is available on the net. Java can do what I used to do in C++ with less effort, from the small to enterprise system. The syntax it self is quite similar to C++ thus I don’t have to spend extra effort to learn the syntax. Applying the concept such as SOA, Design Pattern, Polymorphism, ORM and etc are done with a very effective effort where giving you a way to have more time to spend on the designing the architecture layer for more robust system. A lot of features to play on ..

Many people say that language does not the matter of building the application, I guess not. Experiencing some full cycle of projects, knowing your language is the most important things to be decided in the earlier phase where on each language has its own pros and cons which you must take care for your project benefits. That is why .. having one language and a deep understanding is giving a lot of benefit for your work.

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