Dumpt it .. Dump “GIT”

Hi fellows,

I want to share simple tools that help during the enumeration. I usually found some developer put git repository hidden in the web repository. For those who have no time to learn the git command to download all repositories, then git-dumper is for you

git-dumper is an application to help you to dump the git repository to your local machine. You can download it from https://github.com/arthaud/git-dumper. git-dumper will try several method to download as much as possible from the repository

  • Fetch all common files (.gitignore.git/HEAD.git/index, etc.);
  • Find as many refs as possible (such as refs/heads/masterrefs/remotes/origin/HEAD, etc.) by analyzing .git/HEAD.git/logs/HEAD.git/config.git/packed-refs and so on;
  • Find as many objects (sha1) as possible by analyzing .git/packed-refs.git/index.git/refs/* and .git/logs/*;
  • Fetch all objects recursively, analyzing each commits to find their parents;
  • Run git checkout . to recover the current working tree

here is the result

here is the cheat sheet for git command

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