Create CHM For Reverse Shell (NISHANG)

It has been a while not creating a blog due to any reasons. Well, today, I am going to share about creating a simple reverse shell. There are tons of way to create a reverse shell with many different payloads and method to deliver the payload to the end-user

In this tutorial, I will create a reverse shell payload and embed it into a CHM file with the help of Nishang PowerShell. I will use commando VM to help me develop and test the CHM file since most of the application for hacking is already set there

first step is to find the nishang in the start menu

When nishang console popped up, We can do the follow command to load the module

Then you can type this payload

After the creation of the payload then you can start NC listener at your kali linux like this

When the server is ready then you can click the comprommissed chm file from the commando vm to see whether the file is Ok or not.

We can see that when the doc.chm is clicked then the reverse shell will be activated and received by the kali linux.

have a nice try.

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