Me and Beruang Cyber

Hi .. Hi … Finally posting something back after taking break some months of writing My blog.

I would begin my story at this early years 2018, I created a community together with some young guys that is sharing about Cyber Security. The objective of this community is to improve the awareness of young people in Cyber Security.

We have done some activities such as below

  1. Introduction to Hacker
  2. Penetration Testing Cycle
  3. Sharing on IDPS (Cisco Source Fire)
  4. Sharing on Social Engineering Technique
  5. Hands on Man in the middle using BetterCap and Proxing with Burpsuite
  6. Installation and Practice guidance on Checkpoint R77
  7. Basic of Windows Active Directory
  8. Hacking Windows Active Directory from Zero to Hero
  9. OWASP Top 10
  10. Hacking walktrhough for CTF (Capture the Flag)
  11. Pair hacking activities and reviewing hacking steps
  12. Network design principle
  13. and Many More

I planned to create a game which has reward to encourage the young people to study and do research on doing the active hacking, The plan is to create CTF like game and let them hack the box and find the Flag given to finally getting the highest privileges.

I will write some more news regarding the security activities on my Blogs ..

Next writing is perhaps about of migrating a lot of Enterprise firewalls and design the network zone from the zero to  most optimum security.



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