About Bugs

There is a nice article from java-sys that talks about the facts about bugs. So I summaries the main point as below

  • The US economy loses over $60 billion annually – the size of Puerto Rico’s GDP – fixing software bugs
  • To fix a bug during QA costs more than 7 times the amount to fix during developer coding (according to IEEE Computer, January 2001)
  • Waterfall software development model was introduced in the 1970 as a way to minimize bugs, but the author himself noted it as being a flawed, non-working model
  • The way we’ve been preventing bugs is wrong and costly, and developers needed a way to define better methods and practices to make their software work. Thankfully, Agile development practices were developed starting in 2001 with the Agile Manifesto – also introducing the idea of Unit Testing
  • Agile projects are statistically 300% more successful than non-Agile projects.
  • Unit Testing, and other forms of developer testing, is much more cost-effective than QA teams and allow for faster time to market.

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